The journey to marriage begins with the recognition of your life partner because God is the source of marriage. You must depend on Him to direct you to your life partner. One thing that is missing in Christendom today is that Christians don’t wait till God brings their comparable helper to them. They keep asking God for life partner, yet they are impatience till God brings it to them. Why? It is part of satanic deceit.

If you want to build or have a happy family, wait for ‘this is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called woman, because she was taken out of man’ Genesis 2:23. God created a female for you as a male, likewise you sister there is a brother created for you. Genesis 1:27. When God sees that you need a helper, He will bring your comparable partner to you. Wait!

When you meet your comparable helper learn how to study your partner. Understand your partner and be ready to make sacrifices of your characters that will not allow peace to reign in your family because it is very important. The joy of your family must be your focus and be prepared to pay any price it will cost you.

If you can study and bury your selfishness you can change your spouse. There is no person that cannot change with our attitude, word of God and prayers. Stop blaming your spouse if you have not taken any step to change him/her.

Stop blaming God or your partner, do something meaningful about your family today. If not because of anything, do it because of your children. They need happy family to produce a happy family.