Our ministry is not a profit making organisation, rather we spend to redeem Man from Satan and improve relationship with God, the maker of heaven and earth. We have established the following ministries:

  • Christ Wonders Assembly: This is the fellowship centre and base of the ministry.
  • Christ Wonders Moment of Liberty: Under this, we have all our media programme through television, radio and other media like print.
  • Christ Wonders Training Centre: Under this ministry, we have our schools and other institutions that train those preparing for full ministry and workers in the church
  • Christ Wonders Mission Outreach: This is the arm of the ministry that sends people to the mission field.
  • Christ Wonders Word For All: This is the arm of the ministry that deals with publications and teaching materials.
  • Christ Wonders and You: This is the evangelism arm of the ministry which set-up to reach the world through crusades, revivals, seminars, conferences, retreats and film / video or stage drama.
  • Christ Wonders Hope For The Hopeless: This is an evangelistic outreach to prisoners, hospitals, orphanage, handicap homes and refugee camps.
  • Something New Must Happen Now: This is the arm of the ministry that helps people solve their problems through prayers and the Word of God.