I thank God for answering my prayer. I introduced my sister to this Church. She came and prayed a specific prayer point. She wanted to travel to London to deliver her baby. She got a visa. Today, she delivered her baby in London. She is the first person to travel out the country in the family. I thank God on her behalf. Praise the Lord!
Mrs. Sola from Lagos

I thank God for delivering my baby safely. They told me I cannot deliver my baby naturally. I cried to the Lord of Christ Wonders and He answer by fire. On the way to theater room, I delivered my baby safely. Every one was very surprise. I wept and gave glory to God. My baby was examined and was declared healthy. Praise the Lord!.
Biola from Lagos

It is good to serve God with patience. Pastor always tells us this. Now I understand what he means. He prayed for me and I got my citizenship. I told Pastor I want to bring my child to London. Pastor told me to be patient. I called my lawyer, we started the process and everything failed. In January, I called Pastor, he told me to try again. I thank God almighty. My child is now living with me in London. Praise the Lord!.
Fola from UK

I heard Pastor from the radio and I traced him. I explained my situation. He gave me a prayer point. He told me the prayer point will guild me and give me what I will eat for life. I prayed and the Holy Spirit began to show me all what I have been struggling for in the ministry. He gives me the name and all what I need in life and ministry. Praise the Lord!
Pastor Lasis from Lagos

In all things, I will bless God for knowing Pastor and the Church. I came to the Church and everything about my life changed. I believe God called pastor because of me. I passed all my exams and received unexpected scholarship. Everything in my life is full of joy. Long life to my Pastor and his Church for life. Praise the Lord!
Taiwo from Lagos

I heard the message of Pastor from the radio, it met what I was passing through. I contacted him. He prayed and counselled me. It looked as if they poured cold water into my life. The changes began. I got job and was delivered from family bondage. Now the battle is over Praise the Lord!
Dare from Lagos

I always have spiritual encounters in my dreams. It’s a long story. I came to the Church and water was blessed for the members. I used the water as we were instructed. I can not believe what I experienced. The battle from my birth disappeared; with just water to bath alone. I give glory to God for performing miracle in my life. Praise the Lord!
Tibat from Lagos

There is power in praises and thanksgiving. I was very strong; I forced myself to come to Church last Sunday, when the praises was going on, I forced myself to dance and make myself happy as I have been listening to sermons in the Church. The sickness disappeared before the end of the service. Praise the Lord!
Niyi from Lagos

I am happy because God healed and delivered me from death. I was sick. My friend invited me to Tuesday prayer meetings. I am just a Church goer. I never prayed like the way I prayed. I love the service. I told Pastor; “I am sick seriously”. He prayed for me. I thought it was a joke. I went home. I forgot about the sickness until my husband asked me; “how is your health?” There is power of God in this Church. Praise the Lord!
Sanya from Lagos

I thank God for honouring His word in my life. When I finished seconday school; no admission, no hope. I joined them in cleaning the Church. My friend and I decided to clean the altar. Any time we are cleaning the altar, we normally pray to God. My prayer is admission into the University. I received a call from my father, before I knew what was happening; I found myself in South Africa. I thank God, I am in the University. Praise the Lord!
Kayode from Lagos

I want to thank God saving my life. I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ. He accepted me. I associated with wicked people but Jesus seperated me from them. Though, I am facing some challenges but I thank God because He’s faithful to me. Praise the Lord!
Ola from Lagos